Photography by Janet Russek & David S
Dates: 2/20/2020 - 3/27/2020
Venue: UAFS Windgate Art & Design Gallery
5210 Grand Avenue Fort Smith, AR 72903

Please join the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Windgate Art & Design Gallery on Thursday, February 20th, 5 – 7 PM for PHOTOGRAPHS, an exhibition by artists Janet Russek and David Scheinbaum. The exhibition is comprised of four bodies of work by the artists, all of which focus on exposing the reoccurring crimes of society, such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

In Spam and Anxiety, Janet Russek has photographed Renaissance paintings, as well as Greek and Roman sculptures. Her photographs are not reproductions of these works, but images made of portions of the works that relate to the individual messages she portrays in the final prints by superimposing the actual spam messages she received in emails. In the series Not One More, Russek again works with sculpture and paintings eloquently combined with text to confront contemporary issues. These works gain as much significance as they had in the time they were made, in many cases, hundreds of years ago. The poignancy and relevancy of these works leave the viewer to wonder, how much progress have we really made over time?

In - + - = + (Negative plus a Negative equals a Positive), David Scheinbaum turns his camera lens to Black Memorabilia, racist objects that, with the present-day market, continue to be sought after and produced for primarily white households throughout the United States. By capturing them in unique paper negatives, the objects are seen in reverse, turning what was black on the original to white. “I choose to photograph them in the negative, which is what they represent,” Scheinbaum states, “Why have these objects graced the kitchens, shelves and tables of so many households? Why are they still being made? ...By bringing attention to the “negative” stereotypes they represent I hope my photographs can open a dialog for both the viewer and myself about what some of the contributing factors that form the despicable attitudes I see expressed in our society today.”

FREE and open to the public. Light refreshments provided. Exhibition continues until March 27.

* Please confirm directly with the promoter or box office to ensure event details have not changed.