No Mercy House

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Event Details

Dates: 10/9/2021
Times: 8 PM - 11 PM
Price: 15
Contact: 479-221-9503


The Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club is back with another haunted attraction that will make your blood curdle...
In 1958, the Hannibal Klown Traveling Circus made a stop in Fort Smith. After a successful opening day in their location in the parking lot of the United Church, a tornado moved through the city... The clowns were forced to abandon their tents and take refuge in the neighboring Honorah Mercy House.
The tornado left the city in a state of disaster. Food and supplies were nowhere to be found, but the clowns were determined to lift the spirits of the citizens and held the free shows daily, using what was left of their equipment and improvised props. They played to packed audiences and provided them with meals, consisting of mostly meat... which was increasingly scarce.
At night, the citizens began to slowly vanish, never to be seen again. Once law and order was re-established, the police discovered the horrifying cause of the disappearances inside the walls of the Honorah Mercy House... the clowns were turning the residents of Fort Smith into FOOD!

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