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Let us help you Experience Fort Smith in a way that will allow your group to create memories that last a lifetime. Our curated or custom group tour itineraries will help your group experience Fort Smith as uniquely as possible by guiding you through all that there is to see and do in this historic city. Already planned your own itinerary and/or know which attractions you would like to visit? That's great! Just contact us for help with pricing proposals for lodging and any group pricing discounts that may apply at the attractions you plan to visit. You can even start by building your own custom tour, here! Once you do, we'll help you organize an itinerary into a schedule that will allow you to navigate through the city most efficiently.

A True Western Town

Fort Smith: A True Western Town

This 2-Day Itinerary allows your group to relive the colorful history of the original gateway to the Wild West that inspired pop-culture classics like, “True Grit,” and is recognized as a, “Top 10 True Western Town of 2016,” by True West magazine. Discover The Natural State at its finest with a train excursion through the Arkansas River Valley and Ozark Mountains. And observe one-of-a-kind works of art as you drive along a truly historic downtown area. Experience Fort Smith, Arkansas!

The Butterfield Path

True Grit & The Butterfield Stagecoach Path

With this 3-Day Itinerary, your group will revisit the Wild West of True Grit on the Path of the Butterfield Stagecoach! Go back in time with John Butterfield and hear the story of the Butterfield Stagecoach route that ran from Tipton, Missouri to San Francisco, California right through Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith, Arkansas. Starts in Northwest Arkansas. Day 2 and most of Day 3 are spent in Fort Smith before heading to The Potts Inn Museum in Pottsville. Concludes in Little Rock.

Still Wild, Still West!

Still Wild, Still West

A 2-Day Itinerary that will take your group on a tour through Fort Smith's historic treasures and modern attractions. Start with a tour of Miss Laura's Visitors Center, explore Judge Parker's Court at the Fort Smith National Historic Site, visit the Chaffee Barbershop where Elvis received his famous buzz cut after enlisting in the Army during WWI and the Chaffee Military Museum, enjoy a glass of vino as you tour Arkansas Wine Country, and more in Fort Smith, Arkansas...Still Wild, Still West!

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