Infrared Photography Workshop
Dates: 6/21/2019 - 6/23/2019
Times: 10 AM-4 PM
Venue: Greg Disch Photography
611 North 5 Street Fort Smith, AR 72901
Contact: 479-414-6889

This will be a hands-on classroom and in the field photography workshop which will be based out Fort Smith Arkansas and is open to any level of photographer. You do not need to have a Digital Infrared Camera for the workshop (I have 2 digital IR cameras which will be available for participants to use during the workshop), but you will want one by the time it is over.

In this workshop you will learn what you need to know about digital IR photography, including information about getting a camera converted, which filter to use, what lens work best (some lenses will not work) for your camera, and how to get a proper exposure.

During this unique workshop, we will go through the complete process of creating fantastic digital infrared photos. Infrared photography offers a tremendous opportunity to be creative and produce surreal images. Infrared is a totally unique format of photography and requires some different approaches to shooting and post-processing your images.

IR cameras can be configured with different filters during the conversion process, which can yield different images, and then they can be processed differently for a variety of looks from a single image.

There is an entirely new skill set to learn to process IR images, normally Lightroom cannot handle the conversion of RAW files, they will turn very red or orange. We will set up custom camera calibration profiles for Adobe Lightroom so that the images can be properly developed.

During the post-processing, we will learn to process an image using “False Color” processing, converting to black and white, creative Digital Infrared post-processing, and much more using Adobe Lightroom.

On Saturday we will make a trip to Red Oak II in Carthage Missouri and spend the day taking infrared photos. Red Oak II is my favorite place for IR photos due to the many different subjects that are ideal for IR photography.

Red Oak II is the creation of artist Lowell Davis, whose family had pioneered the town of Red Oak. After success as an artist, he started moving his old home town to his farm 32 miles away creating Red Oak II. Lowell now lives in what he considers his “Masterpiece” in the Belle Starr house where the famous outlaw was raised. Red Oak II is located a few miles Northeast of Carthage Missouri, just off Route 66.


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