As the original gateway to The Wild West, Fort Smith was the last-chance stop between modern civilization and the untamed wilderness of Indian Territory (modern day Oklahoma) for anyone that desired to travel west. For that reason, people of virtually all world cultures traveled here at some point in time, and many of them would ultimately decide to make the city their new home. Over the course of the next 200 years, that fact would be made most apparent through the unparalleled diversity of Fort Smith's culinary landscape. From Southern-styled fried chicken and catfish, championship BBQ, collard greens, and Cajun specialties to the more exotic cuisines of Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, and many others, Fort Smith is the perfect destination for any food lover. 

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5400 Midland Blvd

Slim Chickens
7501 Phoenix Avenue

Legacy Grill
407 North 8th Street

8203 Rogers Avenue

6301 Highway 271 South

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