Darby's Rangers by MASER

This colorful mural was installed by Irish Artist, Maser, during The Unexpected's inaugural mural festival in 2015. It is inspired by the story of Darby's Rangers.

Darby was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and is best known for his organization of the First Ranger Battalion during World War II. He was deployed with the 34th Infantry Division to Northern Ireland in 1942 and it was there he organized and trained his new elite commando unit which would come to be known as Darby’s Rangers. Darby was killed in combat in Italy while issuing orders to cut off a retreat of German soldiers. Relying on the inspiration of their late commander, the rangers continued their mission and all German forces in Italy eventually surrendered. Darby’s techniques were not traditional for the time period. Darby’s Rangers eventually evolved into the present day Army Rangers. 

About Maser (Ireland): Maser is best known for his trademark stripes and geometric patterns, exploring mediums such as canvas, video and large scale 3D installations . A continuous theme throughout Maser’s work is the human form, in particular the muscle structure and form, amalgamating into a collection of figures depicting strength, conditioning and mental health. Maser’s unique approach is a marriage of academic understanding of the subject matter and instinct. The result is a work that compels the viewer to look beneath the surface and to relate with the environment, and themselves, in a new way.

Distance from Convention Center:
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Downtown street art can be viewed at any time. 

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