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The Commissary is believed to be the oldest still-standing building in Fort Smith, a last stop for provisions before venturing into the wilds of Indian Territory and the unexplored West beyond.

This camera is located on the 2nd floor of the Commissary Building aimed to the south onto the Second Fort Smith's parade ground. The wagon in front is an 1850 Army freight wagon (stored inside during the winter.) The large concrete pad is an outline of the Officer's Barracks, which burned after the Civil War. The Flagpole is 99 feet tall, and is a reproduction of the original installed by the Army. During the summer, we fly a 20'x35' 37-star Garrison Flag; during the winter, we fly a 10'x35' 37-star storm flag. The cannon under the flag is a six-pound 1841 bronze reproduction. The white structure behind the cannon is the gallows enclosure. The U.S. Marshal erected a fence around the gallows to keep gawkers and spectators at a distance in an effort to curtail the circus-type atmosphere around the hangings. The left side of the large building on the left is the original enlisted men's barracks. In 1872 this became the Federal Courthouse and the prisoners were housed in the basement. In 1889 the New Jail wing on the right was constructed and the second story on the barracks was added.

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